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The Ear infection problem

A middle ear infection is usually caused by blockage of the Eustachian tube – a narrow passage that connects the middle ear to the upper throat (just behind the nose).

How does the Eardoc treat an ear infection?

Eardoc opens the clogged Eustachian tube, therefore allowing drainage of accumulated fluids out of the middle ear – relieving pain immediately!

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Eardoc - the best solution to treat an ear infection and relieve ear pain

Alternative for ear tube surgery | Immediate pain relief | Suitable for both children and adults

Eardoc is a non-invasive device for middle ear infections (Otitis media) treatment and other conditions involving ear pain in children and adults. The Eardoc is a natural way to treat the problems in the ear and not just symptoms such as pain and inflammation. Using the Eardoc is easy, safe and children friendly. The Pain disappears in no time, and the infection is healed without going to the doctor. The Eardoc is a great emergency care device to have while travelling, at the office and at home. An ear infection is a common condition that affects the middle ear, usually caused by bacterial or viral infections. Typically, an ear infection involves blockage of the Eustachian tubes (narrow passages that connect each middle ear to the back of the throat), responsible for normal secretion drainage from the ear and regulation of air pressure between the outside and the middle ear. When the Eustachian tubes are blocked, fluid accumulates in the middle ear causing an ear infection.

How to treat an ear infection?

Eardoc treats an ear infection by naturally opening the clogged Eustachian tubes, allowing drainage of accumulated fluids in the middle ear and relieving the associated ear pain. Draining the fluids and air accumulated in the middle will reduce the pain, take care of the inflammation, and allow relief quickly and effectively.

Eardoc Quick Facts:

  • Eardoc is a non-invasive safe-to-use device for ear pain with or without antibiotics.
  • Eardoc opens the Eustachian tube by shaking the Eustachian tube and its surrounding.
  • Opening the Eustachian tube and releasing trapped fluids would release the pressure on the eardrum.
  • Eardoc works best for releasing fluids that have low viscosity but can also reduce the pressure for glue ear.
  • Eardoc can be used for ear infections and otitis media but also trapped non infected fluids and plugged ears.
  • Eardoc can be used in conjunction with other OTC/Rx analgesics.
  • The device does not cause any known drug interactions and has no side effects.
  • Eardoc is safe and effective for all ages above two years old when used as recommended.
  • Eardoc's efficiency can also be measured easily in your ENT office using a tympanometry. test the patient with a tympanometry before and after the use of the Eardoc.