As most ear infections cure on their own, there is no need to use antibiotics, especially because they can lead to additional problems such as antibiotic resistance. The best approach to ear infections is to treat the pain and see what happens; your body should be able to fight off the infection. You can also help with home remedies.

How to treat an ear infection at home?

After learning you don’t need antibiotics, the next step in how to treat an ear infection is to turn your attention to nature. One of the best ear infection home treatments is elderberry syrup, which has great antiviral properties and supports the body to fight off infections. It’s also very tasty, so you will soothe your ear and have a sweet treat at the same time. The syrup is perfect for kids, as it helps them get over the pain from the ear infection with its sweetness.

Garlic is another natural remedy

You can also learn how to treat an ear infection with garlic, which is a natural antibiotic. Putting garlic slices or mash directly on the skin is not recommended – instead, take the sliced/mashed garlic and place it on gauze sheets, then on the ear. Secure the garlic pouches with a bandana and go to sleep. In the morning, you will be symptom free. However, you can repeat this ear infection home treatment the next day, just to be sure.

Home Natural Remedies

An important lesson you need to remember when you learn how to treat an ear infection is to stay hydrated. Your body needs fluids to function properly, so drink enough water and eat chicken broth, which acts as a soothing your pain and is a universal remedy for all types of ailments. Make sure you eat healthy, as this is another important factor: your body needs to be strong to fight the ear infection.

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