Ear aches are sudden and can be very debilitating, as you may experience severe pain and inflammation, along with dizziness. Both adults and children can develop ear infections, but small kids are more prone. Despite common belief, the treatment for ear infection is not antibiotic, so you can use other remedies to treat this ailment at home.

Children Ear Pain Treat

What are the causes and symptoms of an earache?

When you or your child experience pain in your ear, there are multiple causes for it and you have to identify its cause before getting ear infection home treatment. In children and teens, teething is a common cause of pain in ears, while in kids’ and adults’ tonsillitis, colds and sinus infections can lead to pain. Earwax clogs can also put pressure on the eardrum and cause inflammation and pain.

On top of these, there is the ear infection, which is the infection of the middle ear.

When to use ear infection home treatment?

For a cold, sinus infection or cavity, you may need to see your doctor for proper treatment. However, an ear infection doesn’t require antibiotics, so you can treat it at home. The only treatment for ear infection you need is a pain killer, which can ease the discomfort while your body fights the infection away. If you are still in pain after a week or two, you need to check with your doctor and see what other remedies you can use in order to address the pain. Most ear infections cure on their own, which is why doctors don’t recommend the use of antibiotics. Taking antibiotics for ear infections leads to antibiotic resistance, which is a sign the bacteria or viruses which lead to pain in the first place, are now stronger and can survive the antibiotic treatment. All in one rely on pain killers and wait for your body to deal with the ear infection.

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