Eardoc is looking for Blogger moms and guest posts

Got writing skills? Got children with ear infections? Want to share your experience? Eardoc is looking for new views from the parents coping with ear infections – the illness, the treatment, the pain and how they dealt with it.

Eardoc is a medical device to treat Middle Ear Infections (Otitis Media) and relief ear pain. The Eardoc is a unique device, treating the infection in a noninvasive and simple way. It is perfect for treating ear infections in children and adults.
The Eardoc is easy to use, and gives first results in just a few minutes. Instead of treating the infection with antibiotics, and using painkillers to relieve the pain, Eardoc offers a simple solution to the middle ear infection.

Share your experience

If you are interested in sharing your view on ear infections, on antibiotics, on children, on childhood medical conditions – we want to hear what you have to say. Send us a 100% original and well written blog post, and in return we will publish it on our website and promote it on our Facebook and twitter. With over 30,000 followers, visitors and viewers – that’s an awesome deal!
The guest post should be no less than excellent. The guest post for our Blogger mom section should be proofread, and written in fluent English. The content of your guest post must be original (we will check it).

Your efforts will be appreciated

You will get exposed to over 30,000 people, and we allow you to include links to your website and blog. The gust post will be a permanent part of Eardoc.info, so you get a valuable addition to your site links.
If you are willing to do a video review of the Eardoc, you can even get an Eardoc! You will get one Eardoc from us for your review, and you get to keep it. Your video will be promoted on YouTube, Facebook, Eardoc’s website and it will be part of our marketing material. A full credit will be given – name, blog and link to your site.
Basic requirements:

  • The blog post should be 500-800 words, and again – completely original content which was not published anywhere else.
  • The subject of the blog post should be about children, childhood illnesses, the parents coping with their child’s illnesses, and any related subjects. Got an idea but not sure if it fits? E-mail us and let us know what your idea is.

If you own a blog, and want to review the Eardoc (and maybe even host a giveaway), let us know. We cooperate with Blogger moms all over the world, and we always like to add more bloggers to our network. Many proud blogger moms have reviewed the Eardoc, and you can see all of them on our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/eardocpaingone . Eardoc has had great experience working with Blogger moms… Will you be the next one?

Contact us via E-mail: info@eardoc.info

We are also hosting guest posts for doctors, pediatricians and ENT’s – so if you are one, be sure to e-mail us and get more information.

Questions or opinions? Let us know!