Natural ways to treat ear infections

It’s been well documented that antibiotics haven’t shortened the course of ear infections for most children. Natural treatment for an ear infection include immune boosting vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin C), as well as treating the mother while breastfeeding with anti oxidants and supplements.

In this article, you can read on some of the natural treatments recommended for those bugging ear infections. Most natural treatments include herbs and natural oils. While it is natural, these solutions can do damage and make the situation even more harmful. Make sure to find out all the details needed about every treatment there is. Remember that some of the treatments have not been medically proven.
Natural treatment for ear pain can be achieved by asking your pharmacist for ear numbing ointments such as local anesthetic ear drops that are extremely helpful for parents who want to address the ear pain problem without having to deal with systemic drugs (such as Tylenol and antibiotics).

Here are some ways to prevent the next Ear infection:

Immune boosting herbs – immune boosting herbs should be used carefully. Look for special OTC children formulas. Recommended herbs include liquorish, blueberry, Echinacea and garlic.

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Resting – most patients feel fairly ill when they have an ear infection – they may present symptoms such as fever, ear pain, nausea, dizziness, vomiting in some cases, swollen glands etc. the body needs deep quality sleep when recovering from an ear infection. During sleep, the body produces a special hormone called the Growth hormone, the body’s repair hormone.

Drinking water – fluids are required to flush out the bacteria and viruses which usually are primary cause for an ear infection. You should drink at least 6-8 glasses of fluids, which can be pure water, herbal tea, lemon juice in warm water, hot brothene soups. Avoid drinking tea, coffee, soft drinks that are dehydrating.

Natural naturopathy treatment for ear infections

Natural Treatment for ear infection starts by identifying foods that promote allergic responses, followed by an elimination diet. In the first stage it is needed to exclude all allergy causing foods from your diet in order to achieve significant symptom relief. After a short period of time, you can begin challenging your body with food allergens, to find out what are the foods responsible for the symptoms and the infections.

According to Naturopathic treatment, recurrent ear infection is a condition that arouses either by sensitivity to particular types of food or due to nutritional deficiency. Allergies are considered the main cause for chronic ear infections and most studies show that the majority of children who suffer from chronic ear infections also suffer from allergies.

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Allergic reactions cause blockage of the Eustachian tubes in two mechanisms: swelling and inflammation of the Eustachian tube and inflammation and swelling of the sinuses. In other words, the allergic reaction creates congestion, which in turn blocks these narrowed channels. The clogged tubes lead to fluid buildup, a fertile substrate for bacterial or viral infection.

In addition to the allergen free diet, naturopathy treatment focuses on strengthening the immune system to prevent the recurrence of an ear infection or other upper respiratory infections, which may cause development of an ear infection.

Nutritional supplements and herbs are also recommended for the treatment of an ear infection. The patient should be tested for nutritional deficiencies that can lead to a weak immune system function. Herbs such as licorice are known to be effective in cases of acute inflammation, and help the body overcome the infection faster.

Some prefer the good old grandma medicine cabinet such as a warm compress which is held against the hurting ear, or heating up some garlic oil (or white vinegar) and putting 1-2 drops in the ear. There are some solutions for the symptoms as well:

  • For a sore throat – gargling warm salt water several time a day and of course the good old honey-lemon-ginger tea.
  • For a headache – try rubbing some lavender or peppermint around your temples. placing them near your nose and smelling them for a while will bring relief to the symptoms. A chilled compress on the forehead for 10-20 minutes of relaxing can be quite soothing as well.
  • For a running nose or congested nose – fill up a small pot with boiling water, and place your head above it. Making yourself a green tea with peppermint and inhaling the steam for a while before drinking can help as well.
However, if symptoms and pain persist for more than 2-3 days, go see your doctor.