The new Eardoc is here!

The Eardoc is a non-invasive device designed to open the ear tube (Eustachian Tube) and release fluids and air trapped behind the eardrum, causing pain and infections in the middle ear (Otitis Media).

In most cases, the pain is caused by the accumulated air & fluids pressuring on the ear-drum. About 75% of children aged 2 and up are affected by Otitis Media and annually 30-35 million visits to the doctor are related to ear pain and/or ear infections.

The EARDOC™ is a safe, non-invasive and effective treatment for:

  • Otitis Media
  • Trapped fluids & air in the middle ear
  • Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  • Air travelers – releasing pressure during takeoff and landing
  • Swimmers and Divers

The Eardoc solves the problem causing the ear infections, instead of treating the symptoms. The fluids and air are drained by the EARDOC’S vibrations and the pain is relieved quickly and effectively. The Eardoc opens the ear tube without medication or ear tube surgery. The EARDOC™ relieves ear pain for children, adults, air travelers and divers that suffer from Otitis Media, Trapped fluids in the middle ear and Eustachian tube dysfunction.

The best solution for ear infections and ear pain just got better!

What’s new in the Eardoc:

  1. Soft head for a better feel and effects – New Silicone Head for a softer feeling and more comfort.
  2. Led light indicating EARDOC™ is on.
  3. New Digital ON button with 10 speeds – Choose the suitable speed for you or your child with 10 available speeds.
  4. Quick OFF button – press and hold 3 seconds to turn off.
  5. New Battery tray and cover – New battery cap with grip design (2 AA batteries, not included in the Eardoc).
  6. Eardoc fits your ear shape – The Eardoc’s head curved shape is designed to fit behind the ear comfortably and easily.
  7. The Eardoc’s Dome – The Dome design on both sides of the Eardoc’s head transmits the vibrations through the mastoid bone to the right place – your Eustachian tube.
An explanation about the new Eardoc


How does the EARDOC™ work?

Eardoc generates and transmits vibration waves to the middle ear and the Eustachian tube (view diagram on other side). The waves travel through the mastoid bone to the middle ear, vibrating & opening the Eustachian tube and draining fluids & air, in a non-invasive, safe and simple treatment.
An explanation to how the Eardoc works

Eardoc’s test & Survey:

The EARDOC™ was tested on patients complaining of ear pain and identified with fluids in the middle ear by tympanometry. Ear pain is often caused by pressure on the ear drum from the fluids & air trapped in the middle ear.
These patients were divided into 2 groups (A & B). Group A was not using the Eardoc and was getting regular treatment (Antibiotic and/or pain relief medication, or sit & wait for body to recover). Group B was using EARDOC™ for 3-8 minutes when feeling pressure or pain.
The patients in group B, treated with Eardoc, were found to have a significant reduction of fluids in the middle ear, and patients reported relief of pain and sense comfort after using the EARDOC™.
Eardoc provides the best results for ear infections
Patients using the EARDOC™ show significant pain relief and reduction of the middle ear fluids as well as ear drum functions.

Eardoc survey:

A satisfaction survey conducted with EARDOC™ customers has shown that a total of 94% of Eardoc users found pain relief when using the EARDOC™. 89% will use EARDOC™ again for ear infection & earache treatment.

most of the customers in the survey state they wil recommend eardoc to others
Customers state the Eardoc helped them get rid of ear infections


The EARDOC’S™ Benefits:

  • Non-invasive
  • Treats the problem not the symptoms
  • Easy to use
  • Immediate relief
  • Safe
  • Children friendly
  • Efficient
  • Low cost, great value


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