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Ear device opens Eusthachian tube

Middle ear inflammation often involves treatment with steroids and pseudo-epinephrine to reduce oedema, and antibiotics to combat primary bacterial infection or a secondary complication.

If all this fails and inflammation recurs, perforation of the tympanic membrane is carried out and drainage tubes inserted to keep it open and allow fluid in the middle ear cavity to drain out. In this way pressure is equalised and hearing improves; additionally a topical medicinal treatment can be introduced to the area.
However, Eardoc – a new non-invasive device that naturally opens the Eusthichian tube and heals the ear – may prevent such measures all together. According to the manufacturer, a study performed by the Medical University of Hungary showed that Eardoc generates and transmits vibration waves that travel through the bone to the middle ear, thus opening the Eustachian tube. The waves then drain trapped fluids and ease the pressure, subsequently relieving pain.
Device details:

article published 10/29/2008