Eardoc Stops Earache in Seconds

The Eardoc as featured in ENT News magazine in the UK

ENT News

ENT News

A new Israeli device called The EarDoc can improve the quality of life for sufferers of earache. “EarDoc has completely changed my child’s life”, says the mother of 11-year-old regular sufferer, “she uses it when the first symptoms of earache appear, and in minutes she has relief. If she has earche, she sits down and uses it, and after a few minutes, the pain has gone. it’s unbelievable.”

EarDoc is the brainchild of Kencap experts in medical devices. “the device creates subtle vibrations, which conform especially to the structure of the middle ear. Pulses are transmitted by the bone and base of the inner ear, causing the obstructed canal to vibrate and open.

Accumulated air and fluids causing the inflammation can be released through the tube to relieve pressure on the eardrum”, as kencap representative explained.
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