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Eardoc is an amazing invention

it naturally relives your ear of blockages. It’s an alternative to having tubes put in your ears, avoiding surgery is always the best option! It works on both children and adults and is so simple anyone can use it. Place it behind your ear, and turn it on. Let the vibrating do its job and within minutes you should feel some relief. And if your ear is causing you problems quick relief is always welcomed! If you’re like my husband who hates going to the Doctor and despises having to take pills this is the best option to help your ear issues.

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I was shocked at how fast it provided relief!

I was actually experiencing some ear pain and decided to try it out for myself.  I was shocked at how fast it provided relief!  My earaches usually have to do with allergies and I love being able to use the Eardoc whenever I feel pressure building up in my ears.  The best part though, is that it helps my nephew.  I was a little worried about how he would react because of the sound and the feel of vibrations.  He was such a big boy and didn’t complain at all.  When I turned it off, he ran to his room, grabbed some toys and went back to playing as usual.  I am forever indebted to this amazing product.

Bridget Hopper,USA

The EarDoc has truly been a life saver for us!

Our 1 1/2 year old son had been battling with ear infection after ear infection. So much so that our doctor had started suggesting that putting tubes in his ears was the only solution, especially since he had been on several antibiotics without finding any relief. I began looking for something that wasn’t intrusive and was cost efficient, and found the EarDoc! Read more…

Amber, Ohio, USA

 “The EarDoc is a great tool for any doctor’s office”

“The EarDoc has been a great product to have in our office. I have used it on my pediatric and adult patients for many ear conditions and have found great success with it. They have reported improvements and resolution of their ear infections in a matter of days and relief in pain and fullness when they use the EarDoc. I use a combination of botanical medicine and homeopathic remedies in addition to the use of the EarDoc for my treatments. I would like to say that I have had wonderful results for acute and serious otitis media and for many chronic middle ear infections. I rarely prescribe antibiotics and found that with these alternative treatments have decreased the recurrence of future ear infections. Based on the positive feedback from my patients, I am pleased with use of the EarDoc and recommend it to all healthcare practitioners. Thank you!


Dr. Lily

Pasadena, CA


To me, doctors seem too eager to prescribe antibiotics for ear infections without knowing if it’s viral or bacterial.  Even our current family doctor likes to avoid them whenever possible.  Though there is a place and time for antibiotics, I believe in exhausting the alternatives first.  To date, our 3 year old son has had somewhere in the vicinity of 30+ ear infections (probably closer to 50) and only once have we used antibiotics.  Instead, with a prescription in hand (in case we need it), we’ve opted to let the ear heal itself while numbing his pain with ear drops.  Now with Eardoc, rather than treating only the painful symptoms, we can treat the root of the issue and eliminate even the ear-numbing drops.

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“he tried the Eardoc and within three days his ears had cleared up”

Its summer time and we spend a lot of time in the water. We go to the pool or beach almost every other day. With so much time spent in the water we often get water in our ears. While generally for me it is just an annoyance Kaia and Mikey get ear infections. To help ward off ear infections we started using the Eardoc as soon as we get home from the beach. Neither one of the kids has gotten an ear infection this year. As for me, the other day I got water in my ears and decided to give the Eardoc a try. Within a little while of using it my ears had cleared up!
Mike did get a sinus infection which clogged up his ears he tried the Eardoc and within three days his ears had cleared up. It was awesome. We are definitely happy with the Eardoc. It is a very cool noninvasive way to keep your ears healthy and happy


“The Eardoc works great!”

I have had a problem with fluid in my ear for years.  It’s not an infection, and so the doctors didn’t have anything to suggest.  The Eardoc works great!

49 years old- United States


It took mere minutes to unplug!

My kids both used to get chronic earaches all the time and I get horrible swimmers ear, so this is a great tool to have. Plus ears are extremely sensitive and it’s wonderful that these are non-invasive!!  And it is very easy to use. You just place the Eardoc at the back of the ear and place the slider (speed regulator) to the desired strength. I started out at a low setting but gradually got higher. It took mere minutes to unplug!

I recommend getting the Eardoc to have on hand for your next ear problem that arises. Right now it is the only non-invasive product that treats ear aches.

Age 28 Mom to two, grad student, and educator


“Prevents most ear pain.”

I do experience increased drainage and reduced pain with use.  Initially, I used it several times a day.  Now, just occasionally, when my ear feels ‘full’. This prevents most ear pain.

73 years old- United States


“Eardoc worked right away to clear up my problem”

I had fluid buildup from sinus problems and could not get my ears to open up. The Eardoc worked right away to clear up my problem.

49 years old- United States

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