Alternative to Myringotomy Tube Surgery

Myringotomy is a procedure where the ear drum is cut to enable air flow to the middle ear, helping to ease the pain a reduce infection. this artice checks the alternatives.

These are some alternative options for how to deal with ear infections in children. If you have any questions regarding which ear infection treatment is most efficient, contact your physician.

  • Antibiotics
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Ear Popper
  • Ear candling
  • Eardoc

What is Ear Tube surgery or Myringotomy ?

Ear tube surgery (myringotomy) is a procedure that involves making a tiny incision in the eardrum and inserting a small plastic tube through the opening created. This tube stays in place across the eardrum allowing air into the middle ear and fluid and/or infection to come out. Ear tubes also called “PETs,” pressure equalizing tubes, allow air to get into the ear space behind the eardrum. Air is needed in this space to allow the eardrum to move.

What are the alternatives?

On one side, there are physicians who advocate treating all ear infections with antibiotics. Most physicians in the US believe this. Other doctors feel this is over-treatment and believe no treatment aside from pain control is required for most ear infections, at least for the first three days. Many doctors in Europe feel the same way. And then there is another segment that is looking for treatments such as herbs, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture and other forms of alternative medicine.

Antibiotics pills

Research over the last 8 years has shown that antibiotics actually make very little difference in the recovery from an ear infection. Yet, antibiotics are usually prescribed in children with ear infections. A reasonable approach in treating a child with an ear infection, who is otherwise healthy, is to wait four days and see if the body will recover without antibiotics. If after four days, the infection has not gone away, antibiotics may make a difference. Keep in mind that if an allergic child continues to be exposed to an allergen, or if the main cause is not resolved, recurrent infections are likely.

From the perspective of the whole person, giving medications to block and suppress an illness can push the illness further into the body. One reason for recurrent ear infections may actually be the medications the child was given to suppress the first infection, including decongestants, Tylenol, aspirin and other drugs. Anti-inflammatory drugs block the formation of some chemicals that promote inflammation, but they also block chemicals that naturally prevent inflammation, as well as trigger the release of substances that make inflammation worse.

Herbal Medicine medical herbs

Herbs are helpful to prevent and stop ear infections at various stages of the illness. Echinacea can be given in child size dosages to prevent a cold from causing further problems. There are also various herbal formulas designed for children’s ear infections available in health food stores. A child should not lie down on his or her back to drink a bottle or feed. This is more likely to push fluids into the Eustachian tube and cause ear problems. Learn more about- “Home remedies for ear infection”. 


The Ear Popper Device

This device in good for children and adults over age 4 and have decreased the number of children who need tubes.

The EarPopper deliv­ers a constant flow of air into the nose. The patient swallows while the device is running. During the swallow the air is diverted up the eustachian tube lear­ing and ventilating the middle ear. It is only available by medical prescription, Your health insurance may cover the cost of the Ear Popper (approximately $500).

Ear candling

Also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an alternative medicine practice claimed to assist the natural clearing of earwax from a person’s ear by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. According to medical researchers, it is both dangerous and ineffective.


The EARDOC is the only efficient non invasive device that reduces the pain and edema for ear pain The EARDOC treats the problem and not the symptom. Testing the EARDOC with an Audiometer, which measure the fluids in the middle ear, shows significant reduce of Otitis media recurrence. the Eardoc has been tested and is used by hundreds of happy customers, and you can check our testimonials page to see.

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