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Ear infections are among the major reasons that infants take antibiotics, which may weaken their immune system.
However, researchers from the State University of New York’s School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences have discovered that exclusively breastfed infants have a decreased risk of otitis media (middle ear infections), in a study published in October 1997.
Ear infections are common in most infants, nevertheless the researchers discovered that the incidence of first ear infections for infants between six and twelve months of age increased from 25 percent to 51 percent for those exclusively breastfed. The incidence for formula-fed infants of the same age increased from fifty four percent to seventy six percent.
The study discovered that formula-feeding was the most significant predictor of inner ear infections, even though length of time spent at day care was also a risk factor.The best conclusion made by the study was that breastfeeding, even for brief durations (3 months) reduced the onset of otitis media episodes in infancy.

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