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A middle ear infection is an infection in the space behind the eardrum. It often happens along with a cold. It is caused by bacteria that start growing in that space, in the accumulated air and fluids. Your neck may feel puffy (swollen) on the side of the ear infection.

There are a few possible treatments for an ear infection. Here are a few guidelines, no matter which treatment you choose:


  • If you got medicinal treatment from the doctor, Take your medicine as told. Finish it even if you start to feel better.
  • Nose medicine (nasal decongestant) may help the tube that connects the ear and throat (Eustachian tube) drain better. It may also help with discomfort.
  • Follow up with your doctor in 10 to 14 days or as told by your doctor. This is to make sure the infection is gone.
  • Try to stay at a warm place. The cold can trigger pain.
  • Do not try to clean you ear. The air and fluid is accumulated behind the eardrum, and you cannot reach them. You can try the Eardoc to feel better and drain the air and fluids.



  • You do not start to feel better in 2 to 3 days.ear pain in adults
  • You have pain that is not helped with medicine.
  • You cannot use the medicine as told.
  • You feel worse instead of better.
  • You develop puffiness, redness, or pain around the ear.
  • You get a stiff neck.



  • Watch your condition closely.
  • Drink a lot of water during your sickness.
  • Rest a lot. Ear infections can affect balance, orientation, and cause headaches.
  • Go to the doctor if your condition does not improve. A middle ear infection can lead to worse situations.

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