As your children grow up, technology is playing a large role in their lives. Many children and young adults listen to music on a daily basis for multiple hours per day. The majority of children carry IPhones, MP3 Players and IPads with them wherever they go.

Loud music can cause hearing loss

How many times have you spotted someone walking down the street with headphones in their ears? Next time you’re walking around take a moment to notice the people walking and count how many have headphones in their ears. How many of those people do you think are listening to their music at a safe volume? Do you know what is considered a safe volume to listen to music?

The World Health Organization conducted a survey and the results concluded that over 360 million people suffer from hearing loss or hearing impairment. In many cases, hearing loss can be prevented at a young age. If you could prevent hearing loss, would you do it? Yes, is the obvious answer to this question.

Do you know the volume at which your children listen to their music?

Many people tend to have the volume on highest which can damage hearing. The human ear is the same as all of your other body parts. If you use it too much, it will be damaged. Normal talking and conversation is between 40 and 60 decibels, while headphones can reach to 110 decibels. Constant headphone use can cause damage to your eardrum and therefor hearing loss may occur. The damage threshold for decibels is at 85. You do not want to listen to sounds above 85 decibels for a long period of

Music concerts can be very loud

time. When attending a music concert or venue, depending on where you are sitting the decibels may vary. If you’re sitting in the back, it may be around 110 decibels, but if you are sitting in the front, it may reach a monstrous 140 decibels!

So what do I do?

How do you protect your children from the perils of hearing loss? Do you take away all of their technology and prevent them from going to concerts? Yelling and shouting can be as many decibels as a concert! Do you make it so they can only talk in an “inside” voice? Chances are you won’t be able to enforce any of those rules because they are nearly impossible to monitor and enforce. The best solution would be to educate your children on the perils of high levels of music and sounds on a constant basis. Listening to music and attending concerts is acceptable in moderation, but if your children attend concerts on a daily basis, hearing loss will be a very probable possibility.

Many parents do not realize how common hearing loss is and how to prevent it, so their children can live a long life with perfect hearing. Over 360 million people are currently suffering from hearing loss, on different levels. Many of these cases could have been prevented. Teach your children on the dangers of hearing loss, but most importantly, educate them on how to prevent it.


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