Either as a parent, or a child, chances are you would have seen a bout of ear infection. Along with pinkeye, sore throats, and the common cold, ear infections are a top reason children miss school.


Facts about ear infections in children

Middle ear infections plague 3 out of 4 children by age 3.

Ear infections account for more than half of all visits to pediatricians. According to estimates, approximately $8 billion is spent annually on medical and surgical treatment of earache, in the United States alone.

Children are especially susceptible to this condition due to their unique anatomy. The tube that allows drainage of the middle ear to the back of the throat is called the Eustachian tube, and is more horizontal than vertical in children. For children who are less than three or four years old, the Eustachian tube is very small. This prevents fluid from easily flowing out of the middle ear and also makes it easier for bacteria and viruses to get in


Treatment of ear infections

Most ear infections go away on their own without treatment within a few days. If it’s a serious case, or if the infection is in young children, antibiotics are still the primary choice of treatment.

About 80 percent of children who get middle ear infections recover without taking antibiotics. As such, you might just choose to wait it out.

One alternative therapy, Homeopathy, has been gaining in popularity in recent times. Some homeopathic solutions include:

• Chamomilla – Also known as chamomile, popoularly used in teas.
• Ferrum phosphoricum – remedy made from iron and phosphorus
• Kali muriaticum – commonly known as Potassium Chloride
• Mercurius solubilis – also known as quicksilver
• Pulsatilla
• Belladonna – Also known as nightshade

If you intend to use homeopathy, it would be advised you consult with a homeopath to find what you need to use, and the appropriate dosages. Taken in quantities too large, these substances are unquestionably dangerous.
If you do decide to go for OTHER alternative therapies, however, here are some options.

Prevention of ear infections

It would be ideal though, wouldn’t it, if the infections didn’t happen in the first place. After all, preventing ear infections is better than curing them. One useful tip is to keep your kid away from second-hand smoke. Ear infection risks aside, studies have shown that secondhand smoke, too, is harmful to your health.
Be alert to telling signs. If your child has three or more ear infections in a six month period, your doctor may suggest having tubes placed in their ears to help drain the fluid. Then again, the risk for tubes is relatively small. It’s estimated that maybe 20% percent of kids may be a candidate for tubes but very small percentage of kids will go on to actually get tubes.

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