Paxil dosage

Paxil dosage

Everyone is looking for a good solution for ear infections. Some of them are easy to find (you get them from the doctor) and some are harder to find. The internet has changed our lives by making information accessible. In Jonathan’s case, he was searching for a treatment to recurrent ear infections.

Here is what Jonathan wrote to us:

“This is my review on Eardoc that I purchased on September 2012 via after suffering a bad ear infection which started April 2012 from a cold. I visited my GP five times.

The first time I was refused antibiotics and told me it would clear up, which it didn’t. Having to go again, I was given some oral antibiotics of two separate courses which didn’t work. I had to return back to mu GP the third time which she gave me an ear spray and different antibiotics which again didn’t work.

My fourth visit I was given antibiotic ear drops and a nasal spray which also failed to work after using them for 8 weeks.

The fifth visit I wasn’t given anything and was referred to see an ear nose and throat (ENT) consultant which I had to wait six weeks to see. Whilst I was waiting I tried steam, popping my ears, olive oil warmed up etc.

Nothing worked.

During my appointment in August with the ENT consultant he tested my hearing with a hearing test all was ok and removed some wax which made me feel dizzy. On returning back to his office he said I have ESD which can steam from a bad cold infection.

My major complaint was awful feeling of my ear – feeling clogged and annoying crackling sound like rice crispies cereal crackle pop sound in my left ear. Sometime my ear canal got inflamed which was only helped either by the ear spray or ear drops. These helped my ear canal infection but not the crackling or clogged up ear feeling.

He prescribed me a stronger nasal spray to take twice a day in each nostril with head facing down and spray so it gets into the sinuses. It’s been five weeks in, nothing is improving, and I’m getting fed up with the ear pain the crackling sound so Google was my friend. As I see the consultant on 27th September 2012, I searched Google in the meantime.

I first tried typing in herbal treatment and tried some methods that failed. From there, I kept seeing Eardoc being stated, so I searched more.

I went to and watched some reviews and read some reviews. I decided to order my own as I don’t want any tubes or grommets put in my inner ear. Since Eardoc stated it can sort out ETD and ear infection I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

My Eardoc was delivered and I couldn’t wait to try it. First of all, I had some questions which Eardoc answered and told me they was sending their new Eardoc which has been updated.

A first impression was a nice looking device which you don’t have to stick in your ear, no ear spray or drops.  Just a device you place behind the ear which was a five star winner already.

I got it out of its packaging and put in batteries as they are not included. I read the box and the leaflet stating to use Eardoc sitting down and a comfortable setting for two minutes.

I switched it on and heard a buzzing sound and had it on setting four and started using it. I decided to use it longer than two minutes. I used it for five as after three minutes I felt my ET drain.

I couldn’t believe it.

This is no fake made up story my ET started to drain. I couldn’t believe it. OK  I still have some crackling in my ear but it won’t be a five minute cure.  I was amazed and told my partner when she got home as she was doubtful it wouldn’t work.

After my ET had drained it’s been draining slightly after using which was 3 hours.  Again, the crackling is there but I plan to use this four times a day for three to four minutes at a time.

Great product with great results!”

Check out his video review as well:

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